Mary’s Story


Mary Hodgen grew up in San Francisco. While living in Florence at 18, working as an au pair for an Italian family, she was surrounded by exquisite fashion and textiles. There she was inspired by the elegant confidence of the European woman. The impression stayed with her.

She moved to Manhattan and joined the commodities exchange, but her curiosity for fashion remained. Mary transitioned into high end retail and then into designer wholesale. When her designer employer asked her to run the West Coast territory, she moved to Los Angeles.

After the birth of her second child, Mary took a break from the industry. But when her youngest was in third grade, she took a step back into fashion, selling selected lines from her garage. A decade later, while having dinner with her youngest daughter, Mary looked across the street and saw an empty retail space. She decided to say goodbye to the garage and Tuck Pasadena was born.

Mary mixes a chic European sensibility with a laid-back California ethos. She is passionate about textiles, high quality garments, and the perfect fit. A woman feels better when she is comfortable in her clothes, and we want you to feel amazing.

Carrying over 80 different designers and with new items arriving every day, there's something beautiful for every woman at Tuck Pasadena.